Summary and Purpose

The WCP2 source code is available.

Its purpose is only to provide a visual feeling of the user interface. It was mainly designed to reflect the different steps from question browsing to final voting. Main Demexp features are not implemented yet (question browsing, voting, adding questions, adding responses, etc).

The following three aspects should be addressed at this point:

1/ (high priority) Usage: tell us what you felt as a user.

  • Is the client easy to use for you?
  • Are there ambiguous features? (misleading titles/section names/etc)

2/ Look and Accessibility

  • Do you like the colors scheme? (give specific details)
  • Do you like the overall layout (page titles, margins, spaces, etc)
  • Do you like the character font?
  • Do you think a certain category of people would experience problems using WCP2?
  • Do you think it is appropriate for a wide range of users?

Lyu ABE's Schedule

  • November 2007: user feedback summary - add questions/add responses page - interface modification/enhancement
  • February-March 2008: complete visual interface for the WCP2 (but with no effective functionalities)
  • March-April 2008: client design approval for a fully functionnal version
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