List of features to implement in future revisions

This page lists features that we agree to develop in priority (planned features). If you want particular item, add them in the Future wishes page.

Ordered list of next features

To be determined.

Pool of desired features in no particular order

  • [web interface] classification hierarchy browsing
  • [server, gtk client] secure connection between client and server
  • [web interface] secure web interface (over HTTPS)
  • [web interface, gtk client] implement proper classification with LISFS concepts
  • [server] document use of RPC protocol
  • [gtk client, server] implement a way to use multiple server simultaneously
  • [gtk client, web interface] internationalization of interface (especially in French)
  • [gtk client, server] be able to remove definitely some questions
  • [gtk client, server] response moderation
  • [gtk client, server] refined rights (add questions, add responses, remove questions, remove responses)
  • [gtk client, server] limit date of questions
  • [server] when the limit date of a question is reached, change its classification
  • [server] implement delegation of votes
  • [gtk client, server] optional delegation
  • [gtk client, server] handling of removed accounts: what about their votes? Disable accounts?
  • [server] internationalization of question base
  • [server, gtk client, web interface] link with debate web site
  • [debate] implement per participant limited space debate web site
  • [server] performance optimization
  • [server] implement other voting algorithm
  • [server] update Condorcet algorithm with Schulze algorithm
  • [gtk client, web interface, server] give more explanation of vote result (Condorcet’s winner, ...)
  • [server] security audit (buffer overflow, DoS, access rights, ...)
  • [server] user documentation (server setup, ...)
  • [gtk client, web interface] user documentation
  • [gtk client] get several tags of a question in the same RPC call
  • [gtk client] scripting language
  • [web interface] refine interface, CSS layout
  • [server, web interface] configuration file
  • [server] generate correct password hash, with salting and stretching
  • [server, gtk client, web interface] save and display question and response creation date
  • [built system] Makefile as literate file
  • [server] delay and aggregate votes, to avoid tracking individual votes through vote result
  • [gtk client, web interface] implement a color mechanism that highlights changed items since the last view of a question
  • [gtk client] refactorize client code to use a better object oriented design
  • [gtk client] maintain a port of the client on Windows
  • [gtk client] maintain a port of the client on MacOS X
  • [gtk client, web interface, server] capability to let the server temporarily store voted and seen questions (for roaming user). Interface in the gtk client to update its local state with server information, clear it and enable/disable this feature.
  • [server] add timeout to client responses so that the server is never blocked
  • [server, gtk client] implement anonymous storage of votes on server
  • [server, gtk client] implement a way to change user password in a secure way
  • [server] implement a way to change login name of participant accounts
  • [server] store server information (user accounts, votes, ...) in a secure way (encrypt with a server password? What about automatic launch?)
  • [client] put debug messages into a separate window, with capabilities to save and print this log
  • [server] a way to automatically add a tag “not tagged” to a new question (tag number -1) and make it public by default
  • [server] make the default response configurable and put a default answer in French for officiel server
  • [gtk client, web interface] display new questions by date, being able to do search on questions, questions on which a delegate has modified his vote, etc.
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