Delegation Objectives

The delegation system should allow each *individual* participant to delegate his/her vote to one delegate on a given tag. In turn, each delegate can delegate a tag to another delegate, or can vote on a question.

Following post summarizes the issues to solve:

Proposals of delegation algorithm

A delegated vote per question

Jérémy's idea: each delegated vote is implemented as a special vote Vote_as(”delegate_name”) in all questions having the delegated tag. While technically relatively simple, this scheme has a high overhead (proportional to the number of questions).

Only delegate single question to a given delegate

Delegate only a single question to a given delegate. If several questions need to be delegated to the same delegate, delegation has to be done individually for each question. This approach simplifies the delegation system, as there always an explicit voting person for each question (the participant or an explicit delegate) and there is no transitivity in delegation. Moreover, the delegation system is directly tied to the questions (and their exact semantic) and not to an intermediate.

The task of delegating several questions to a given delegate on a specific criterion is in charge of an external classification system.

This approach is easy to implement with a basic user interface (just add a text box with the name of the delegate in front of each question) and can be used by classification aware client-side’s tools.

Do not delegate on voting server, just publish public positions

A delegate do not vote in my place. Instead he publish his public position and I can pick those I want to.

With some good client-side software I can use classification in order to automate this system.

This approach take off a lot of problems for server-side implementation. However delegation vote, and delegate‘s modifications of vote needs an action of I to be validated. (Note : this solution is very close from the “single question” one, the problem “single question” solve is the one of tracking delegate‘s change of mind)

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