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Demexp project

This page is about the client of demexp software:

Current graphical client

  1. Wishlist on current client :
    1. access directly to a given question;
    2. access directly to questions on which one has already voted on and for which there is some new responses;
    3. being able to classify tags (prefered tags, new tags, ...) (david);

GUI ergonomics


The client’s graphical interface should easily, i.e. without reading any documentation, allow to:

  • search into question base, in order to learn positions, subjects, vote of delegates, etc. The client should be designed so as to be part of a wider set of softwares (web sites, forums, peer 2 peer information system, etc.). Most notably, it must be possible to link from and to the client;
  • to vote, quickly, on a given question. To delegate a question, a tag or a set of tags;
  • to track vote results, on any question and more importantly on questions one has voted on. To follow one’s own delegates is also quite important. Maybe we should have kind of triggers and automatic notifications.

All above requirements must be satisfied with the most important constraint: we have tons of questions, tags and delegates. So one needs to design an interface that allows to manage an important information flow.

Things that a user would probably like to do with the client

  1. vote on a given question;
  2. find a question, explore the position base;
  3. find the position of one’s own delegate;
  4. list all available delegates;
  5. know information about a delegate (his/her web page, contact);
  6. know all positions of delegates (their votes);
  7. know list of delegates that have voted on a given question;
  8. have the list of questions on which we have voted;
  9. see updates on my votes (new responses, new result?);
  10. see most and less voted questions;
  11. see who is a classifier;
  12. see recently asked questions;
  13. list tags (s)he has delegated;
  14. have a history of votes??
  15. ??

First ideas

  1. add tabs for multi-server connection
  2. add hierarchical structure for displaying tabs (look for LISFS/LFS)
  3. associate for each server an html document to describe server (web sites associated, forums, P2P, etc)
  4. use directly a filesystem and an OS browser to navigate through the position base. Technically, we can do that if the client appears locally as a WebDAV server. Files types ensure we can vote and/or see needed information, with appropriate helper applications.
    1. the classification (tags and questions) appears as a set of folders and files
    2. when double-clicking on a question file, we can vote on a question

The main issue is how to differentiate between seeing a question and voting on it. How to display it? As two different files? And how to display information specific to a question? Into a sub-folder?

And how to delegate? Putting the question in a delegation folder inside the folder of the delegate? And how to classify? Move a question into inside a tag folder?

Specification of next generation client

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