Bug & Feature wish tracking

Current situation

Currently, we don’t have a bug tracking system. :-) We used at one point the one of Savannah but it is not very convenient to use (too slow). In any case, if you have a bug or a feature wish to submit, the simplest thing to do is to send an email to demexp-dev@non-gnu.org mailing list and we’ll add it to the relevant wiki page.

In the future

We need to change that for the future.

What we would like to have

We need to fulfill following requirements:

  • a simple way for the wide public to submit bugs, etheir through a web interface (mandatory) or with emails (optionnaly);
  • a simple way for the wide public and developers to browse the bug & feature wish database and add comments, more information, etc.;
  • an efficient way for the developer to manage bugs, review them, classify them, etc.

Those three points could be accomplished by different interconnected systems or a single one.

When deploying a new system, we need to take into account our system constraints on RAS or linux-france.org.

Available bug tracking systems

  • Mantis PHP/MySQL. Only web interface.
  • Bugs Everywhere A decentralized system, where bugs are stored in a text database. An extension is available for Mercurial (cf. this email);
  • Roundup Interesting list of features. Apparently, can be easily deployed with only Python (available on lfo’s tuxinette machine) but can also support a real database backend. Web, email and command line interfaces.
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