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English speaking wiki of the democratic experience

Welcome to the English speaking wiki for the democratic experience.

The democratic experience project

More information on the political project and its expected working.

Demexp software

Demexp software and source code download

Demexp usage guide

Tips on demexp URL

Demexp GTK+ 2.x client screenshots

Experimental web interface to demexp. Please read this message and send feedback to the development list.

Demexp servers

We have nowadays two demexp servers: an official one on machine official.demexp.org and a test one on machine demo.demexp.org. Subscription and management of both servers are independent.

Official demexp server

Demo and test server

Demexp server configuration – various information about the way we are configuring our demexp server


FAQ of the political project

FAQ of the demexp software

Project life

Mailing lists

Minutes of the meeting


In the press


Members localisation

DEMEXP Forum (mostly in French)

Articles and discussions on software development

Software developement overview – how to start with demexp development

External contributions – what others are doing for demexp

DEMEXP Forum (mostly in French) - "Logiciel pour DEMEXP" section

Specific topics

List of next features –what will be implemented in future revisions

Future wishes – what would you like to have in demexp

Internationalisation and Localisation – some documentation and pointer for demexp internationalization

Client Ergonomics – some thoughts on improving the user interface

Ontologies and Tags – some thoughts on improving the classification

Delegation – an important feature of demexp, delegates one’s vote to another participant

Bug tracking – how we track bugs & feature wishes, currently and in the future

Hierarchy of tags

Server scripting

Security – what can we do to secure demexp?

Debate system – how to organize the democratic debate

demexp build on Windows

Christophe's build of demexp on Windows

Proposals for Google Summer of Code 2007

Articles and discussions on web interface and further developments

"Web Client Protoype 2" for demexp by Lyu ABE

WCP2 Screenshots

WCP2 Status and schedule

Web client for demexp by Diogene Laerce



Present developpement issues

Information on web frameworks and the way demexp could use them

Web client development framework – a listing of available frameworks for web development

References on web technologies – pointers to books, documentation, etc. on web underlying technologies (AJAX, databases, ...)

Requirements for a web framework – what we would like to have

Web interface architectural choices – so many ways to make a web demexp...

Drupal module for demexp

Augustin Masquilier is programming a Drupal module for demexp: http://drupal.org/project/demexp

Drupal and demexp account creation – how accounts are created between Drupal web interface and demexp


The wdialog-based client has been somewhat revived by swedes. A swedish demo is online at: http://equah.afraid.org/demexp/

demexpweb.cgi todo list

Other stuff

Management of demexp.org

Other projects

CNIL Registration